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We’ve proudly served the RV owners of Southern California since 1989. Sometimes we get the nicest notes from our loyal customers and today we’re going to share one of those notes with you…

When I first open my eyes, I think I’m back in my bed at home. It takes me a few minutes to remember that I’m not in a house at all; I’m in an RV. A vehicle with wheels that can take me anywhere I want. The rest of the family is usually still asleep, so I tiptoe into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee. I take my coffee outside, lift up the awning and sit in my lawn chair. This hour or so before everyone else wakes up is one of my most cherished moments. To listen to the birds chirping and gaze at whatever view there is, knowing that the view will be totally different the next morning– there are few things better in life.

RVing is all about the journey. It’s about the destinations you hit and all the unexpected places that you discover. It’s a state of mind: open, adventurous and peaceful. Of course, I could road trip in a rusty station wagon and have an amazing time. But that’s not to say that the vehicle doesn’t matter. A nice RV can be a thing of beauty. We’ve owned our A&E for just over fifteen years, and I take a lot of pride in keeping it in shape. I want everything to be as perfect as possible.

I’ve never been someone to sit on a problem, so when the original RV awning suffered a tear, I immediately looked into replacement RV awnings. That’s when I found Mobile RV Awnings. We were just looking for a simple replacement job, but we were so impressedFeatured image we let them talk us into a much bigger project. Not only did they replace our old, water-damaged awning with a brand new acrylic fabric, they upgraded our manual system with an electric system. We can now open and close the awning automatically, and I don’t have to worry about the kids breaking it by yanking it open too quickly.

Their service was impeccable, and we enjoyed the new awning for two years. We started traveling a lot more out west into the desert, and we realized that the windows were getting too hot. So when we got back to Southern California, it was time for another call to Mobile RV Awnings. They matched the patio awning’s fabric and installed awnings on all of the windows. It keeps our whole RV cool, and it looks great. I’m more proud of that RV than ever.