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For novices to the world of RVing, the entire lifestyle probably looks as confusing as it does exciting. After all, there are many kinds of people – from retired couples to families and everyone in between – who rent or own RVs. All one has to do at nearly any time of day and on any major highway in America, is look out of his or her car window and see these people heading happily toward their destinations—or maybe the open road is in fact their destination. But what must confuse the novice RVer is why RVs come in so many different types and why one specific type of RV is more suited to one person rather than another. Well, the needs and uses of the individual RV owner are what determine why there is such a variety of types and sizes to choose from. (Don’t worry, when it comes to replacement RV awnings, here at Mobile RV Awnings we have a deep understanding of and parts for just about every type of RV out there.)    mobile rv

When it comes to RVs there are the three general types:

  • Motor homes: Among this type of RV are Classes A, B and C. (These include Bus Conversions.) Class A RVs are the largest and are associated with very large groups with huge loads to carry. Movie stars, athletes and rock stars on concert tours are the kinds of people most associated with this type of vehicle. Class B RVs are the smallest type of motor home which are also called van conversions and they start out as full-size or extended 3/4 or one ton vans. Because they are relatively small compared to Class A types, they easily fit into driveways and are easier to navigate. Finally, Class C types are built on a van chassis and some models are as large as the A type. They are distinguished by an extended cab section which usually contains an extra bed.
  • Travel Trailers (or towables): These, as the name implies, are trailers that are towed by other vehicles. Because they require a tow vehicle they can be left alone while the lead vehicle makes other stops/trips.
  • Truck Campers: These are RVs that can be carried in the bed of a pickup truck. Some of the advantages of these are that they are cheap to maintain, provide better fuel savings and are easy to store.

Yes, just as the reasons different people choose one type of RV over another vary, the types of RV awnings we provide our customers differ as well.  Visit our site for Mobile RV awning replacement in Riverside, CA. Happy RVing to you!