Awnings take a lot of punishment year round. Whether that punishment is meted out by the snows of winter, the heat of summer, the rain and storms of spring or the winds of fall, their maintenance and upkeep can be a chore that can test the patience of even the most devoted RV owner. Sometimes, it is a good idea just to give up and to look at replacement RV awnings such as those provided by Mobile RV Awnings of Southern California. At other times restoration or repair is all that is needed to breathe new life into an old unit. In either case, the wisest step oCleaning-Awningf all is to maintain, your current awning if possible. It is also wise to know how to extend the life of a new awning you have just bought. Here are some tips in each case for the maintenance and cleaning of your awning.

Material: Basically, awnings come in two types – acrylic or vinyl. Which type you buy depends how best to maintain and clean it. Acrylic fabric is water repellent and should not be touched from beneath when wet. This can cause leaking. Vinyl awnings are susceptible to mildew damage and should be stored when dry. In fact, when you buy a new vinyl awning you should inspect it carefully for mildew or any other damage. Our staff takes the utmost care and assures you that our awnings have been thoroughly inspected and that your awning will be serviced with care.

Cleaning: First, clean all heavy debris off your awning like leaves, pine needles, etc. When cleaning either acrylic or vinyl awnings, be sure to use an aftermarket commercial cleaner designed to clean awnings. Better yet, be sure to follow the cleaning instructions that came with your manual.

Brushing: When cleaning your awning gently scrub it with a soft brush taking care not to tear it.

Rinsing and Drying: After thoroughly but gently scrubbing your awning be sure to rinse it and allow it to dry completely.

For awnings that are discolored, torn or otherwise damaged it may be time for a replacement awning to regain the level of protection and restore the beauty that was once a part of your RV. Our awning replacement services can supply you with a variety of colors that are aesthetically pleasing and materials that will, with the care tips provided, last for years. Yes, your awning takes a lot of punishment and with spring approaching it will be put to the test again. Wouldn’t it be best to make sure that it is ready now for the rain and storms? After all, it’s wisest to abide by that old saying that goes the best time to fix a roof is before it rains.