One of the most distinct and important parts of any RV is its awning. It is protection, an investment and it is a source of pride for owners as they head out on the open road and meet with other RVers and the traveling public. Here is some information that owners and people who are considering becoming RV owners should know when it comes to selecting the ideal awning material.rv awning

Fabric vs. Woven Acrylic Awnings

The two main types of awning fabric are vinyl and woven acrylic fabric. At Mobile RV awnings in San Diego we have these two basic types as well as different grades of each fabric type from domestic and carefree standard and domestic deluxe to carefree and domestic premium acrylic fabric. Each has its own characteristics and which you choose depends on individual need and the conditions under which the awnings will be exposed.

Woven Acrylic Awnings

Acrylic fabric is a type of woven fabric cloth. Its advantages are that it allows air to circulate easily and efficiently through its fibers making it very breathable. This means that you will say cooler as you sit under it in summer. Moreover, acrylic fabrics are water repellant. (They are not, however, waterproof and therefore must be treated in order to maintain this quality.) Lastly, acrylic awnings – because the colors are woven into the material – retain the brightness of their colors for years.

 Vinyl Fabric Awnings

In contrast, vinyl RV awnings are waterproof. They do not require treatments to keep them this way. However, vinyl awnings tend to be slightly heavier than acrylic awnings. Other advantages to Vinyl RV fabrics are that they are mildew resistant and resist shrinking. Both of these characteristic extend the life of these kinds of awnings. In both cases, our awnings are designed to – with the proper care – retain their colors, protect and shield you from the elements.

One of the best things about owning an RV and being on the open road as summer approaches is the chance it gives for RVers to meet with fellow enthusiasts from all over the country. Gatherings that are situated all across the US present endless opportunities for RVers to view new vehicles, talk to experts and fellow travelers about their experiences and to engage in all sorts of fun activities. These gatherings also give RVers a chance to proudly display their own RVs and to get ideas from others about RV designs, accessories, etc. Our company specializes in RV awning replacement in San Diego. Our awnings will give you pride in your RV and, at the same time, they will fulfill their primary function of keeping you safe from the elements this summer and all year round.