They are to RV owners what sun rooms are to people who live in stationary homes.  They are self-contained and separate from the surrounding world yet at the same time they let you enjoy all that spring and sumgr_Trimlinemer have to offer people lucky enough to own an RV.  They are screen rooms and nothing gives RVers a taste of being connected to the outdoors while securing a small, isolated place within their campers more than these structures.  There are few things more idyllic than being able to sit and relax with friends and family within the confines of a screen room where one can watch the world and remain inside a cozy sanctuary.  However, there are other advantages to adding a screen room to your RV apart from the cozy environment they create.

  • Protection from pests:  For many people one of the worst parts of summer and spring is the return of insects – stinging ones in particular.  Screen rooms create a barrier that locks out wasps, bees, hornets, etc. that can turn an otherwise peaceful break into a territorial struggle between us against them.  They also give some level of protection to people who are especially sensitive to the bite/sting of these pests.
  • They provide extra space:  Let’s face it – sometimes our RVs aren’t big enough to accommodate the guests we would like to have over.  At Mobile RV awnings in San Diego, we sell screen rooms that are large enough for you to accommodate many more guests than if you were only entertaining inside your RV.
  • Protection from the elements:  Screen rooms protect owners from direct sunlight which contains dangerous UV levels and they also protect against the occasional summer shower.
  • Screen Rooms are portable:  Screen rooms can be easily broken down and taken with RV owners when they are ready to relocate.
  • Greater Value:  Screen rooms add extra value to RVs and they are an attractive addition as well.
  • An extra kitchen:  Because screen rooms are outside in the fresh air they offer maximum ventilation for cookouts, barbecues, etc.

Yes, at Mobile RV Awnings in San Diego we’d like to help with all your awning needs whether you need accessories like a screen room or whether you need an all new awning.  We carry major brands and can get your summer off to a smooth, comfortable start.  Our awning replacement service in San Diego even installs and repairs awnings making the only thing you have to worry about is how best to enjoy the spring and upcoming summer.