It’s almost that time again. Summer is here and millions of RVers and other motorists are preparing to head out onto the crowded roadways.  rv-fire-Although, barbecues, fireworks, visits to relatives and participation in all kinds of activities are uppermost in the minds of most travelers, it is important that we all remember to take certain precautions to ensure safe travels as well as a fun one.  Here are some tips to ensure that all of your trips are safe ones.

  • Don’t overload your RV: Overloading is one of the leading causes of RV accidents.  While the desire not to forget anything can be great, overloading can cause poor fuel efficiency, breakdowns and flat tires.  Let’s face it:  No one wants to spend their 4th of July weekend (or any other) dealing with those issues.  Know the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of your RV and stick to it.  (The GVWR is the maximum amount your RV can safely carry.)
  • Know how to operate the RV you plan to use: This rule is applicable to everyone who will be operating the vehicle at any point as an RV can be very similar in operation to driving a commercial truck.

  • Have the proper insurance including emergency road service: No one likes to dwell on the things that can go wrong and with the proper insurance coverage that includes emergency roadside service you won’t have to.  Make sure you know how far your policy says you will be towed if a breakdown occurs.
  • Confirm your reservations in advance: While you are within a few hour of your stop confirm your reservations.  Also, be sure to call ahead to cancel if you are unable to make your reservation.

  • Check the Weather: There are many weather apps online that can give you a detailed forecast anywhere you might go in your RV.  You can also asks travelers who have come from where you are going about the weather to get an eye witness account of conditions you may be about to encounter.

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