Whenever the local or national news programs do their pieces on creative Halloween decorations, it is almost a guarantee that you won’t see many RVs featured. But that’s not fair. RVers are equally excited about getting into the spirit of this reverse Christmas Day we call Halloween. A visit to nearly any RV park will prove that in spades. Inside will be little ghosts and goblins impatiently waiting for nightfall in order to go trick or treating just as they are anywhere else. Outside there will be just as many decorations on the grounds as there are on the outside of stationary homes. Here are some of our suggestions for getting your RV into the spirit of this ghoulish holiday.

Stick hair-raising decals in your windows: Using black construction paper and double-sided tape, you can DIY some awesome decals of skeletons, witches, black cats, etc. Or you can visit nearly any party supply or dollar store to purchase ready-made silhouettes to place on your windows.

Jack-O-Lantern sentries: Scary pumpkin faces are a mandatory Halloween item. Carve out some pumpkins with the kids in order to make scary Jack-O-Lanterns. Place these around the campground. Adults can even try making a pumpkin cooler. Fill a carved out pumpkin with ice and then place cans of beer inside of it.

Make a mini pumpkin wreath and hang it on your door: Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. They are also for Halloween. Make a mini-pumpkin wreath and attach it to your door to greet visitors. You can find instructions here.

Hang up ghost and/or pumpkin string lights inside or along your awning: Easily found at party supply stores, dollar stores and on EBay, these lights will give your RV a positively creepy glow.

Use campsite yard decorations: Here you can let your imagination run wild with cutouts and other props of tombstones, skeletons, scarecrows, pumpkins, etc. In fact, some campsites even hold contests for the best and most imaginative decorations.

Yes, RVers and their little monsters are just as enthused about October 31st as stationary home owners are. However, be sure to abide by campsite restrictions so that your decorations are safe and tasteful. Also, make sure that you check out our RV awnings in San Diego as we transition from summer to fall. Our mobile RV repair in San Diego will make sure that your awning is in top condition for the holiday season.