Nothing lasts forever especially the things we wish could. When it comes to an accessory as useful as an RV awning, it would be helpful if one could be bought that one would last indefinitely. However, things happen and awnings are damaged by the passage of time, bad weather, accidents, etc. That is when a replacement is needed. But how do you know when you’ve clung onto your awning for too long? How do you know when it’s time to stop hoping against hope that your awning will last forever? Here are some signs that you may need a mobile RV awning replacement in Riverside.

The awning is hard to close: If it becomes difficult to close your awning by using a crank, then there is something wrong. This problem indicates that there may be problem with the hardware e.g., the cranking mechanism. Opening and closing your awning should be an easy, simple procedure.

The awning is difficult to control: Even when an awning is relatively easy to open, it should also be easy to adjust. Are you able to adjust the pitch of your awning without difficulty? Not being able to do so could result in it being susceptible to rain damage for example.

The fabric is damaged: Are there rot, mildew or spots present on your awning? These conditions can damage the fabric of your awning and cause it to rip, tear or fray. In this case, the awning becomes unsightly as well as non-functioning.

Hardware damage is visible: Awnings that have visible damage such as warping, corrosion or dents, can not only be unsightly, they can also potentially collapse creating a hazard for owners. Inspect your awning and its hardware regularly and if you spot such damage visit us to purchase a mobile RV awning replacement in Riverside.

Your awning shows excessive wear: Over time the elements will naturally take their toll on your awning. Rain, sun damage (UV) and snow buildup are just a few things that can cause holes, tear, fraying and dulling to your awning. You can protect your awning from the elements to a certain degree by retracting it during inclement weather, but time takes its toll on everything. If your awning isn’t looking as fresh and new as it did before you may wish to consider purchasing a new one.

Hopefully, using these tips will help you to extend the life of your awning and also help you to be able to judge when replacing it is the wisest option. Replacement as an option is easier, closer and quicker than you may think with Mobile RV Awnings.