As many RVers in our area will be parking their RVs for the winter, many others will be venturing out into others parts of the region – such as Northern California and the Oregon Border – and other parts of the country where they will likely encounter the extreme weather that is often a companion to this time of year. In previous posts we’ve given tips on storing your RV during the winter so as to protect it against cold weather, but for those who do venture out into the more snow-prone parts of this country this may not be enough. So that you and your family can stay safe while enjoying the beauty of this season, here are some tips for making it through exceptionally severe winter weather.


  • Inspect your awning before traveling: Know the load your awning can bear before traveling into snow-prone areas of the country. Do not count on a damaged or worn RV to protect you during a storm. Retract your awning in cases where winds exceed 30 to 50mph. At Mobile RV awnings in San Diego, we can provide you with a durable awning that will provide your family with more than adequate protection against the elements.


  • Seek shelter: In the case of blizzards, storms and the like, your RV may not provide adequate protection for your family no matter how new it or its awning is. In these cases, seek more substantial shelter such as a large-span building like a grocery store, gas station, or Wal-Mart if this is your only choice.


  • Make sure your RV has adequate heating: This includes things such as a portable back-up heater or vent-free propane heater, as emergency heating in the event you are snowed in someplace. Carry these items in addition to your main heating source for a greater sense of well-being.


  • Stay alert: Carry a weather radio or download an app that lets you stay informed of weather events in the area where you will be traveling. The best protection you can provide your family and property is to stay one step ahead of severe weather.


  • Pack wisely: Pack extra blankets, quilts, a comforter, an emergency kit and other supplies that may be needed should the worst happen and you are snowed in.


Our final piece of advice is to exercise good judgment when traveling into areas where winter weather may be a problem. With our RV awnings in San Diegowinter-1695854_640, we provide you with some protection against the elements. However, the best protection for your family is common sense. When facing potentially dangerous weather, remember to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.