Smartphones and tablets go hand in hand with people who travel often. They are portable, convenient and they allow us to have a whole world of information at our fingers tips all without being tethered to our homes. This is why the developers of apps have made available to motorist of all kinds – including us RVers – apps that are indispensable in today’s world of information and convenience. Here are some the apps that we have found most useful for today’s RVers.

  • Google Maps: Chances are you already have this app on your mobile device so you probably don’t think much about it but it has many useful functions. It can keep you apprised of traffic conditions, road construction, accidents, etc. Moreover, its map is supported in over 220
  • Sani Dumps: Available on iTunes and Google Play, this app lets RVers know where there are convenient places to dump their holding tanks. It also gives RVers valuable information about price, hours and contact information.
  • Weather Radio: This app keeps RVers apprised of weather events using detailed graphics and radar maps.
  • Oh, Ranger! Park Finder: This app helps RVers locate parks, campgrounds and RV camps using a searchable database that contains every national and state park in the U.S.
  • Gas Buddy: Available for free on Google Play and iTunes, this app shows the cheapest gas options near your location. This allows you to save gas. The user simply enters his/her zip and city in order to find the lowest gas prices. As an added perk, Gas Buddy also gives users a chance to win gas money by sharing accurate gas information with others.
  • Wal-Mart Parking App: Need to park overnight and don’t wish to or are unable to pay? This app locates the Wal-Mart nearest your location that offers f
    ree overnight parking. It even provides contact information so that you are able to confirm their overnight parking policy yourself.
  • Free Zone WiFi: This free WiFi locator can instantly give users access to over 5 million hotspots. Use it and never have to be worried about being able to connect your mobile devices to the web while you are on the road.

There you have it. These and other apps will make sure that you can enjoy being on the road in your RV without losing the convenience of modern technology. Developers are learning that this market is as technology hungry as nearly eve
ry other segment of our society. Just remember that before you download the latest app for RVing to make a quick equipment check of your rig. Are your tires properly inflated? Are your tanks in excellent shape? Are your awnings in good condition? If not stop by our store where we sell RV awnings in San Diego.