Have you worked long and hard in order to save enough to buy your dream RV only to be rewarded by what is a bland and uninspired interior? Well, despite what some people believe, RV interiors do not all have to be dull and unimaginative. Once it’s off the lot it’s your chance to have some fun with the interior and make it truly look like home and not like it came off an assembly line. Here at Mobile RV awnings in San Diego we’ve seen where RV owners’ imaginations and style can take them. We’ve seen RVs elevated from simple cookie cutter design features to the cozy domiciles they should be. Here are a few of our suggestions for style minded owners who wish to add some flare and livability to their RVs.


In general some things you may wish to do to in order to stylize you RV’s interior are:


  • Paint the woodwork and cabinets
  • Replace cabinet and other interior hardware
  • Put down tile
  • Add a slipcover to the couch
  • Paint the walls
  • Add new bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Add store-bought or even homemade curtains
  • Paint the ceiling fan
  • Add vinyl decals to the wallsRV_Interior.png


Of these let’s begin with painting the interior. Consider using bright colors and fun patterns to make your living space more vibrant and alive. Also, you can apply these same or complementing patterns and colors to slipcovers, curtains, pillows, blankets, etc. The sky really is the limit when it comes to adding a touch of color to your mobile living space. Next, consider making a theme when decorating your RV’s interior. What are your interests, tastes and hobbies? Different themes such as Western, nautical or vintage can add a sense of uniqueness to your RVs interior and can demonstrate your individuality to your guests. Personal item you can add to your RVs interior are pictures and artwork. Nothing says “this is my place” more than mementos and family photos. Put in a shelf and add to it collectibles for that extra touch that uniquely identifies your RV as home. Specific personal items you can add include plants, candles, rugs, pillows and covers, etc. Some RV owners even add an electric space heater that looks like a fireplace.


Finally, there really is no reason for your RV’s interior to look like everyone else’s. To further add to the attractiveness of your mobile home, we have
that are eye-catching and functional so that they complement the look of your RV.