Spring is slipping away from us and soon it will be summer again. If you’ve put off cleaning your RV thoroughly, now is the time to rid your rig of all that pollen, mold, dust, spores and plain old dirt that not only make it unattractive but also decrease its value and puts your family’s health at risk. So how do you begin such a massive undertaking? Here are some of our tips for cleaning not just your mobile RV awning but your entire rig.spring-cleaning

Gather your cleaning supplies: Gather together the cleaning supplies you will need including dish soap, water, bleach, a degreaser, anti-mold solution (for the awning), brushes, hoses, sponges, etc. Be careful to read labels on the commercial cleaners you decide to purchase and follow any cautionary information.

Clean the exterior: Start with the roof and body of your RV since the dirt and water will fall downward. You can either use a pressure washer or wash by hand if you wish to avoid possibly damaging your rig. Since RVs are a composite of materials, be sure to use cleaners that are appropriate for each separate material of which your rig is made. For example, use a rubber cleaner for rubber parts, metal cleaner for metal parts, etc. Next, avoid products that contain petroleum solvents or harsh abrasives as they can scratch or otherwise damage your RV. Finally, if you desire to truly give your rig a good cleaning, be sure to clean the underside as well.

Clean the interior: Cleaning the interior of an RV can be difficult so consider doing it in sections. These sections include windows, mirrors and window treatments, dashboards and upholstery, the bathroom/toilet, holding tanks and the floor.

  • Windows, mirrors and windows treatment: Use glass cleaners like Windex and/or vinegar on windows and mirrors. Hand dust or vacuum fabric curtains with care.
  • Dashboards and upholstery: Use a combination of upholstery cleaner and vacuum the dash area thoroughly.
  • Bathroom/toilet: Use bowl cleaners and disinfectants in combination with disposable towels to sanitize these areas.
  • Holding tanks: Dump and then sanitize your holding tanks and be sure to wear protective clothing while doing so.
  • Floors: Use ammonia or ammonia and water to clean vinyl, or ceramic tile floors and have carpets professionally cleaned to completely rid them of debris that may be embedded in them.

As you can see there is much work involved in thoroughly cleaning your RV. As challenging as the work may be, it is worth it to live in a clean fresh RV that is free of germs that can affect your health. Have a safe, happy spring and summer from Mobile RV awnings in Riverside.