Being the victim of a home break-in is a traumatic experience as any homeowner can tell. Immediately one feels the sense of being violated on a very personal level. But when it comes to RV owners the experience can be even more traumatizing as thieves can make off with an entire home. So what can you do to secure your RV from theft this and every other season? Here are some tips from the experts for burglar-proofing your RV.

  • Change Your Direction: Instead of backing into campgrounds try driving in front first. This will make it harder for thieves to simple hop into your RV and go.
  • Invest in strong locks: RV security begins with strong, reliable locks for your trailer, doors, and steering wheels.
  • Install motion sensor floodlights around your rig: Thieves generally avoid entering properties they believe may be occupied. Floodlights make it seem as if occupants are present even when they are not thus they discourage most thieves from even attempting a break-in.
  • Install a security system: Sophisticated security systems with alarms, motion detectors and keypads are not just for stationary homes. There are many manufacturers who sell security systems for RV owners. Invest in a good alarm system for peace of mind.
  • Get a Dog: Of course one low tech deterrent to theft comes in the form of man’s 30504164066_168f4b87bb_bbest friend. Although your dog may occasionally bark for reasons other than a stranger approaching your rig, having one tied to your property along with a “Beware of Dog” sign, is a surefire way to make RV thieves think twice about singling out your rig.
  • Eliminate temptations: Don’t make your RV and the possessions inside it easy prey for thieves. Keep valuables out of sight, lock doors and windows, and clean up your camping area. Also, draw your shades to prevent people from getting a glimpse of your valuables.
  • Camp around other people: Don’t isolate yourself when you park your rig. Thieves love to work in seclusion. Vehicles that are parked away from other vehicles are desirable targets.

In short, RVs can be particularly susceptible to theft. They are, after all, often filled with items thieves may wish to sell and they can be driven away easily. That is why Mobile RV Awnings encourages you to take the time to secure your rig and your awnings this season. Our RV awnings in San Diego are also capable of being locked to prevent thieves from making off with them.