Are you in love with the outdoors but still relish in your privacy? Well, believe it or not the two are not contradictions. A screen room is a popular accessory to many RV owners because it gives them these two seemingly contradictory features. At Mobile RV awnings San Diego we not only sell patio awnings, slideout awnings and window awnings, we also have screen rooms that will give you a certain level of privacy even when you are outside among other RVers. However, screen rooms offer benefits that extend beyond simply providing more privacy for their owners. Here are just a few of these benefits:

  • Screen rooms are great bug screens: Few things can ruin an outdoor gathering faster than flying, biting insects. Mosquitoes in particular are known to carry and transmit diseases such as the West Nile and Zika Viruses, malaria, elephantiasis, dengue fever, yellow fever Screen rooms stop them in their tracks.
  • Screen rooms offer basic weather protection: A good screen room will also protect against wind, the harmful UV rays of direct sunlight and light rains. Moreover, screen rooms are easy to set up and take down as weather conditions warrant.
  • Screen rooms make excellent outdoor kitchens: Because they allow you to be outdoors, a screen room can make an excellent cooking space. They are better ventilated and can help to keep your RV free of cooking odors. Plus, let’s face it: There is something really cool about cooking outdoors.
  • Screen rooms create an extra living space: Depending on the size of your screen room, many people can be seated near your RV. It can also be an excellent place to keep a watchful eye on your pets and children.
  • Added privacy: Of course, this is one we started off with. The privacy that a screen room provides its owners is one of their biggest selling points. You can enjoy the benefits of being outside and at the same time have some protection from prying eyes in your screen room.

Finally, RV awnings are excellent additions to your mobile home but a screen room can add an extra level of protection for those of you who cherish your privacy and comfort above all else. We have screen rooms that start at very reasonable prices and that can be easily detached and added to your home according to your needs. We sell, repair and install all major brands as well.