Be it crowded parks, congested highways, crazy streets or steep, winding roads there are definitely places where experienced RVers avoid like the plague. As a public service to those of you who are relatively new to the world of RVing, we at Mobile RV Awnings, would like to give you a heads up about some of the truly awful places to avoid.


  • Downtown San Francisco, California: Even for drivers of smaller vehicles, the extreme grades (some as high at 31.5%) of San Francisco can be a challenge. For drivers of larger vehicles such as RVs, the hills are an absolute nightmare. Lombard and Filbert streets are particularly hazardous. Our best advice is to avoid the streets of San Francisco completely.
  • Tuweep, Grand Canyon: Though the view is beautiful as it is in most parts of the Canyon, this location is a bad place for RVs. For one thing, the campground does not have water and for another the towing services can be as high as $2,000.
  • Death Valley National Park: California and Nevada: If searing heat as high as 110death-valley isn’t enough of a deterrent for RVing here, there is also a startling lack of amenities in Death Valley National Park. Moreover, few of the sites have electrical hookups for your AC unit and without it you will face unbearable heat.
  • Everglades National Park: Florida: Humidity, heat and billions of mosquitoes which come out early in the day and late in the afternoon, making this otherwise beautiful location a tough spot for RVers. Tip: If you insist on going you may wish to visit in late fall or early winter.
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve: Alaska: On the other end of the weather extreme is Gates of the Arctic National Park. However, all year round cold weather is not the only reason to avoid this location. The Park also has poor access, no trails, no campsites almost no RV amenities and no roads. Finally, predators are on the prowl there in the summer.
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska: Also known as the “haul road,” Dalton Highway twists and turns for 414 miles and is poorly paved. Additionally, the highway is so dangerous that helicopters routinely look for accidents along the path.


In short, RVing is a wonderful experience as long as RVers avoid certain locations. RVers can also increase their enjoyment of the road by making sure that their rig is in tip top condition before venturing out onto the road. We can provide you with Mobile RV awnings in San Diego that are durable and that are attractive. This and knowledge of the places to avoid can help improve your vacation experience.