Christmas is nearly upon us and once again we RV owners are faced with the challenge of decorating our rigs in a way that is festive and eye-catching. The main problem here is that with an RV there is not as much room to work with as there is with traditional, stationary homes. But of course, simply because we RV owners do not have as large a palate for our Christmas decorations as there is with traditional homes does not mean that we should be excluded from all the holiday cheer. Here are some tips for making your RV stand out this holiday season.

  • Create a mini light show: Where would Christmas be without some kind of light display around your home? Icicle lights, pop-up decorations and even multicolored lights to decorate the trim of your RV are all items that will help make your rig tastefully stand out from the others.
  • Wreaths and Garland: These must have Christmas decorations are festive, fun and can be hung in a variety of places in and outside your rig. Try hanging them from your awning as well.
  • Window decals: One of the simplest ways to decorate your RV is by using windows decals. Decals can of course be purchased at many stores but creating them can also
  • 8ff689cb261710c783b0c3ceba3e11e6 be a fun DIY project for the family at Christmas time.
  • Ribbons and bows: These can be hung inside your rig or outside for a fun, festive way to show your holiday cheer.
  • Fishing line: Try using fishing line to hang up bulbs and other ornaments in the windows and doorway of your rig.
  • Mini-trees: Charlie Brown had something when he brought back his sapling to the Peanuts gang. Christmas trees do not have to be enormous to be decorated in a tasteful and ornate manner. Place little trees in and around your rig to brighten up your RV.

In other words, there is no reason for RV owners to miss out on the fun of Christmas. With a little creativity, your rig can give stationary homes a run for their money. Just be sure that to observe all the rules of the campground where you are parked and that your rig is intact. Our RV awnings in Riverside can help make your rig look more attractive as well. Also, if you need a mobile RV awning replacement in Riverside we can provide you with a new, durable awning as well.