The recent St. Thomas Fire that has steadfastly damaged property, and has ended lives has made all of us in California more mindful of nature’s destructive power. Residents of Santa Barbara County and Santa Paula have witnessed in a matter of minutes, how worldly possessions can literally go up in smoke. RV owners also face this destructive element and can attest to how devastating fire can be. So that you can be better prepared, we at Mobile RV Awnings would like to offer you the following advice on fighting and preventing a fire emergency.

  • Prepare a fire exit strategy: Take some time to inspect your rig. Consider how you will exit it in the event of a fire emergency. Know which windows are easy to open and which exits you will use. Also, one you have made a plan make sure that everyone in the family knows how to put it into practice.
  • Install fire alarms and Co2 detectors: Fire alarms and Co2 detectors are an integral part of a smart RV owner’s rig. Both save lives. Unfortunately, campers can emit several unsafe gases which can be detected by Co2 detectors. Finally, be sure to check the batteries in your fire alarms at least yearly.
  • Have fire extinguishers on hand: Experts recommend that RVers have at least three fire extinguishers. Place one in the kitchen, bedroom and outside the RV. Make sure all fire extinguishers are accessible and that each member of the family
  • Mobile RV Awning San Diego, Orange Countyknows how to use them. Finally, consider installing a fire suppression system within your engine compartment.
  • Conduct periodic safety checks: Have your camper’s wiring, propane tanks and lines checked on a regular basis. Also, check your wheels, tires and brakes as even they can cause friction which in turn can lead to fire.
  • Know how and where to turn things off: Make sure that your entire family knows how to unhook the electricity and close the propane valves.
  • Have your propane system inspected and certified yearly: Most RVers rely on propane systems to cook food and to keep the refrigerator cold. Unfortunately, propane is the single deadliest component of your rig. Be sure to check your flue before bringing your rig out of storage. Also, shut off the tanks before moving your rig. Finally, have your propane tanks inspected and certified each year.

Hopefully, you will never face a fire emergency of any kind but it pays to be cautious when it comes to your family. After all, things can be replaced people cannot be. And for RV awning replacement in San Diego we are among the most convenient and affordable. Buy an RV awning in Orange County to completely outfit your rig for the season.