Mudslides, wildfires, floods and even earthquakes have all been in the news lately. These things remind us that the unexpected and unwanted can happen at any time to anyone. However, those of us who are unprepared always suffer the brunt of the damage from such disasters. That is why it is just plain common sense if you are an RV owner to keep emergency supplies on hand in case the unexpected occurs. Here are some essential emergency supplies that all RV owners should have in their rig.

  • RV toolbox: Regardless of your mechanical abilities, your RV should always have at a minimum these supplies – socket wrench set, screw drivers, pliers, cordless drill, hammer, pocket knife, wire cutters, a saw, a tape measure, etc. These supplies can help you deal with everyday problems as well as emergency situations.
  • Roadside emergency kit: Roadside kits are essential for all motorists. At a minimum these kits should include jumper cables, a portable gas can, flashlight, flares, an air compressor, gloves, etc.
  • Portable weather radio: Most of you are probably thinking that this item is rather old fashioned in the age of mobile devices and smart phone apps. However, RVs often travel into remote areas and these kinds of devices cannot always be relied upon. A portable radio device can operate just about anywhere. Moreover, if you own a hand-cranked radio, you can increase the utility of this device.rv awnings riverside
  • First aid kit: Unfortunately, minor illnesses and injuries can quickly ruin a trip. For your own peace of mind and your family’s safety you should invest in a first aid kit. A good first aid kit should at least contain the following supplies: bandages, antiseptic and rash cream, painkillers, tweezers, scissors, eye wash, alcohol wipes, etc. First aid kits are generally inexpensive and can be purchased at a great many places on and offline.
  • Tire repair kit: A good tire repair kit is essential for fixing tires that have been damaged by nails, or some other object on the road. Make sure that your kit contains sealant, a small compressor, patches, a T-Bone Handle w/ spiral probe, T-Bone Handle w/ 6″ open eye needle, spare 6″ open eye needle, screwdriver with reversible shaft & valve core tool, hex wrench, etc.

Finally, we all like to think of the good times we will have in our RV traveling the country with our family and meeting new friends but it is also wise to prepare for unexpected situations that may await us on the road. Of course, one that thing serves as excellent protection from the elements is a strong, durable awning. Our RV awnings in Riverside give you that extra measure of protection from the elements and are attractive additions to your home. We can also repair your RV awning in Orange County.