Fortunately for those of us who live in the San Diego area winter does not take the same toll on our RVs as it takes on RVs in other parts of the country. Our winters are relatively mild in comparison to say the Midwest. However, some of us chose to put our RVs in hibernation during the winter months anyway. For those of us who have had our RVs on the inactive list for the past several months, now is the perfect time to consider reviving our rigs and heading back out on the road. Here are some tips for breathing life back into your RV so that you can enjoy 2018 in your rig.

  • Check your exterior: This includes your roof, the caulking around your windows, your doors and of course your awnings. Water can damage RVs that have been out of commission over the winter even in moderate climates like we have in San Diego. If you find your awning is worn check out our awning replacement service in San Diego for replacement RV awnings.2018-03-02_1232.png
  • Inspect your tires: Here you are looking for sidewall cracks or cracks between the treads that may become a hazard on the road. Also, be sure that your tires are inflated to the proper levels as recommended in your owner’s manual.
  • Check your batteries: Vehicle batteries that have not been used for a while always need to be checked. In fact, it is usually a good idea to remove them if you will not be using your rig for a while. Check and clean corroded terminals, connections, and battery tray before venturing out.
  • Check your LP gas system: Check to make sure that all your LP gas appliances work properly. This is crucial in ensuring that basic appliances like the microwave and roof air conditioner will function when needed.
  • Drain and flush the freshwater tank: Drain the freshwater tank and refill it with 1/4 of baking soda per 15 gallons of water. In order to flush it clean, drain and refill the tank with fresh water repeatedly. Lastly, test the water pump and water system in your RV to ensure a fresh supply of water.

In short, these precautions will give you peace of mind when you hit the road after having had your RV in deep storage. Once all systems are go you will be ready to resume your adventures in your mobile home away from home.