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RVing is a truly exciting and enriching experience. It is even more so when you can avoid some mistakes that can diminish your enjoyment of this activity. And even though experienced RVers make some mistakes from time to time, novices are particularly prone to erring in ways that can be disastrous. This is why as we begin the summer holiday season Mobile RV awnings would like to share with you some common mistakes rookies make when RVing for the first time.

  • Buying the wrong RV: Let’s start at the beginning. Before you even decide that the RV lifestyle is for you, get to know the kinds of rigs that are available. Know, for example, that there are large luxury models and smaller, cozier types as well. Go to RV shows, look around at the various models and types and ask current owners for their opinion.
  • Going Too Far, Too Fast: Be realistic when you plan your route. Take shorter trips at first in order to acclimate yourself to your new RV and remember to stop occasionally to relax and recharge yourself.
  • Not bringing in the awning: RV owners are proud of the way their awnings can add to the beauty of their rig. However, at the first sign of severe weather you should roll up your awning to prevent your rig from being damaged and your family from being injured. Moreover, if you have a worn awning you should consider a Mobile RV awning replacement in Riverside before heading out on vacation.
  • Not making a pre-trip checklist: Checklists can be very useful when planning a trip in an RV. They are the best way to avoid leaving something critical behind. Also, before you start out, check the inside and outside of your rig to make sure you did not overlook or forget something.
  • Being a bad campground neighbor: Campgrounds are tightly knit communities. Remember to respect and obey the rules that are posted in each park such as no blaring music or careless dumping, etc. A little consideration goes a long way and helps everyone to enjoy their vacation. rv

Finally, another way to prepare for your first extended trip in your RV is to seek advice in online forums. There you can learn about experiences others have had RVing and hopefully avoid mistakes that can be costly and even outright dangerous. Let’s all enjoy the vacation season confident that our rig is ready and our family prepared to meet the challenges of the road.