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As hard as it may be for some us to believe, summer is mere weeks away. That means that many of us will be on road taking advantage of warmer weather. Unfortunately, it also means that a great number of us will find ourselves where we do not want to be – on the roadside seeking assistance for our disabled vehicles. So that you can enjoy your summer outing with your family, we have compiled a list of 5 essential items that you will need to survive an emergency.

  • Hand crank flashlight with radio and USB port: This is an excellent, multi-use tool. Hand crank flashlights require no batteries, of course, and the radio component of these handy devices can keep you apprised of weather conditions. As a precaution, you should still pack plenty of batteries with you.
  • First aid kit: No motorist should be without a first aid kit in his/her vehicle at all times. You can buy them already loaded with nearly everything you will need to handle minor injuries and sicknesses. You should also consider taking first aid courses from the American Red Cross in order to give your family greater peace of mind.

·         Extra water and non-perishable snacks: The summer sun can quickly dehydrate even the sturdiest RVer. Thus, most experts recommend that you pack at least 1 to 2 gallons per person for each person in your RV. Light snacks can give us an extra boost when we need it and are essential in emergency situations. You should consider packing dehydrated food – MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) with you on your trip.

  • Extra coolant: On the hottest days of summer it doesn’t take long for your camper to overheat leaving you in a dangerous situation such as the side of the road. Pack extra coolant with you in case your RV shows the signs of overheating. Also consider packing extra oil, transmission and brake fluid as well.
  • Space blanket/Warm clothing: Even when traveling in California in the summer, you still may need warm clothing as you head out on your vacation. The weather at higher elevations – such as the mountains – could be uncomfortably cold.summer rv

So there you have it! Those are some of the items that we recommend you carry with you as you start out on your summer vacation. You should also consider having your awning checked as well. They provide shade and protection from the elements but can scarcely do so if they are worn or damaged. Our awning replacement service in San Diego can have you up and running and ready to enjoy your summer. For an RV awning in Orange County drop by and see our selection.