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Generally speaking, RVers are a tight-knit community of folks who look out for each other. Moreover, many camping grounds have pretty good security to guard against theft and vandalism. However, these facts should not make you nonchalant when it comes to protecting your RV from break-ins. There are people who are always waiting to take advantage of easy prey. It matters not to them that you worked hard to buy your rig. To help prevent you and your RV from becoming the victims of a break in, we offer you the following tips.

  • Use appropriate RV locks: When you are securing your rig not only are you securing your vehicle, you are also protecting the lives of your family. Be sure that you buy the proper locks for all windows and doors to your RV. Cylinder and pad locks are preferable. Also, make sure to purchase a boot to protect you RV’s wheels.
  • Research the area where you will be staying: Research the campground you are considering staying at before you arrive. If the park has negative reviews and is in an area plagued by crime move on.
  • Find a visible site in a well-lit area: Burglars and vandals hate well-lit places. This applies to neighborhoods, businesses and RV parks. Park in the heart of the campground so that you are near good after dark lighting.
  • Pull the curtains: Don’t let burglars get a peak at the contents of your rig. Draw your curtains to make sure potential thieves are not enticed by that new HDTV or laptop.
  • Befriend your neighboring RVers: As we said in the beginning and as every veteran knows, RVers are a tight knit group of people. Start up conversations with your neighbors. Get to know them. They can be a very helpful set of extra eyes and can warn you of danger or suspicious activity around your rig.
  • Invest in a security alert system or camera surveillance: Locks are well and good but if you want an extra layer of protection, you should consider purchasing a security system or security camera. There are many that are very affordable and can even be monitored remotely using either your Smartphone or tablet.rv

By locking up your RV carefully when camping, you can have complete peace of mind. For peace of mind and comfort, you may also wish to invest in one of our RV awnings. We have RV awnings in Riverside that will keep you safe from the elements. Have a happy and safe RVing experience from the folks at Mobile RV Awnings.